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Unbeatable Refreshment: Bulk WRIGLEY’S WINTERFRESH Gum 15pcs, 10ct


Embark on a journey of unbeatable freshness with wholesale remarkable offer on bulk WRIGLEY’S WINTERFRESH Gum, 15pcs, 10ct. This exclusive deal guarantees not only exceptional prices but also quick delivery within NYC. Don’t let the chance slip away to relish the beloved taste that has captured the hearts of many. Click now to secure your supply!

Product Highlights:
  1. Generous Package: Your purchase encompasses an impressive 10 packs, each containing 15 individually wrapped sticks of WRIGLEY’S WINTERFRESH Gum. This abundance ensures that you are well-equipped for satisfying moments of icy-cool refreshment.
  2. Icy-Cool Breath: Each chew of WRIGLEY’S WINTERFRESH Gum promises an icy-cool breath that revitalizes your senses. Experience a burst of freshness with every piece, creating a captivating sensation every time.
  3. Share the Coolness: The design of the individually wrapped sticks of gum facilitates easy sharing, making it convenient to spread the joy of refreshment. Whether among friends, family, or new acquaintances, WRIGLEY’S WINTERFRESH Gum brings a moment of icy-cool delight.
  4. Minty Wintergreen Flavor: Cool down your taste buds with the invigorating taste of minty wintergreen flavor. This unique blend promises a refreshing experience that not only uplifts your senses but also provides a satisfying escape from the ordinary.
  5. A Flavor Legacy: This gum made an impactful debut with a distinct name and taste. To sum up it’s signature icy-cool-breath craze swept across enthusiasts, making it a sought-after choice for a revitalizing chewing experience.
Conclusion:’s unbeatable offer encapsulates a promise of invigorating refreshment, shared moments, and a commitment to your satisfaction. This deal stands as a testament to our dual mission: crafting joyous moments for you through superior products and influencing business growth through unparalleled pricing. Click now to embrace the icy-cool allure of WRIGLEY’S WINTERFRESH Gum and relish the refreshment you deserve!

Our Mission:

At, wholesale, our mission echoes with twofold aspirations. Firstly, we endeavor to craft moments of sheer joy for our customers through our top-tier products. Secondly, we aspire to hold a leading position that significantly influences your business endeavors. By delivering quality offerings at unparalleled prices, we aim to foster enduring relationships and make a meaningful contribution to your business’s growth.

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