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Toblerone Milk Chocolate Candy Bar 3.52oz, 20ct

Toblerone Milk Chocolate Candy Bar 3.52oz, 20ct


Toblerone Milk Chocolate Candy Bar 3.52oz, 20ct



“Indulge in Swiss Bliss with Bulk Toblerone Milk Chocolate Candy Bar – Unbeatable Prices Await!”


Welcome to, your go-to for unbeatable bulk prices. If you’re in the vibrant heart of New York City, you’re in for swift delivery. Don’t let the opportunity slip through your fingers to relish the beloved taste that so many cherish. Click now to order your Toblerone Milk Chocolate Candy Bar 3.52oz, 20ct!

About the Product:
  • Toblerone’s Classic Charm: This offer includes twenty (20) 3.52oz (100g) Toblerone Swiss Milk Chocolate Candy Bars, each showcasing Toblerone’s signature honey and almond nougat. Please note that packaging may vary.
  • Sweet Swiss Secret: Dive into the world of European chocolate and savor the unique shape of Toblerone – instantly recognizable and distinctly delicious.
  • A Personal Treat or Shareable Delight: These bars make for a fantastic sweet snack for personal enjoyment, sharing with friends and family, or adding to a delectable chocolate gift basket.
  • Individually Wrapped: Each Toblerone candy bar is individually wrapped, ensuring freshness and making them perfect for easy sharing.


The allure of Swiss chocolate awaits you with Toblerone. brings you unbeatable bulk prices, and if you’re in NYC, you can count on quick delivery. Don’t miss this golden opportunity. Click now to order and experience the rich Swiss milk chocolate, honey, and almond nougat that Toblerone is celebrated for. Treat yourself or share the love – Toblerone does it all!

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