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Sony MDR-ZX110 on-ear ZX Series

Sony MDR-ZX110 on-ear ZX Series


Sony Headphone MDR-ZX110 BLACK OR WHITE These headphones had decent specs and I know many people with professional sony headphones and monitor headphones and I have bought many of their earbuds in the past so I figured the quality could not be so bad. At first, I was not too impressed when I listened to them straight out of the box, however, from my first impression I noticed that even though the bass seemed overpowering but you could still hear a great sound. So after a minute of tinkering with the equalizer, I balanced out the levels, and BAM, I was hit with a crystal clear, well-balanced sound. Now I can only see improvement in the future because unless you are an audiophile (which I am only a bit) you should know that headphones need time to break in, so I suspect in the future once they hit their full potential they will balance out. It’s ok for your laptop and that’s about it, maybe your mp3 player with limited movement. All in all great headphones for the price and I would recommend For the I pod Sony Headphone MDR-ZX100 BLACK OR WHITE

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Dimensions 200 × 150 cm