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Mentos Rasa Anggur Candy 15 ct

Mentos Rasa Anggur Candy 15 ct


Mentos Rasa Anggur Candy 15 ct



Unbeatable Grape Delight: Bulk Mentos Rasa Anggur 15 ct.


Step into a world of unbeatable prices with wholesale’s exclusive offer on bulk Mentos Rasa Anggur. Don’t miss out on the chance to savor the beloved grape flavor that has captured the hearts of many. Order within NYC for swift delivery and immerse yourself in a grapey indulgence that’s just a click away.

Product Highlights:

  1. Taste the Chewy Splendor: Delight in the chewy goodness that Mentos Rasa Anggur offers. Each candy promises a burst of flavor that’s both satisfying and playful.
  2. Crisp Candy Coating: Beneath the chewiness lies a crisp candy coating that adds an element of delightful texture to the grapey experience.
  3. Abundance in Every Box: Your package includes 15 rolls. Additionally it ensures you have a generous supply to satisfy your cravings or share the joy.
  4. Natural Source Colors: Enjoy the vibrant colors knowing that they come from natural sources, enhancing the authenticity of your candy experience.
  5. Versatile Treat: These perfectly sized rolls of grapey delight are versatile – carry them to the office, spread the joy as baby shower favors, or offer them at weddings for a sweet touch.


The allure of bulk Mentos Rasa Anggur from lies not only in the unbeatable prices but also in the promise of taste that so many cherish. Click now to secure your grape-flavored treasure and elevate your candy moments with Mentos. The convenience of quick delivery within NYC ensures you won’t have to wait long to relish this grapey delight.


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