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Loacker Classic Hazelnut Wafers 1.5oz, 12ct

Loacker Classic Hazelnut Wafers 1.5oz, 12ct


Loacker Classic Hazelnut Wafers 1.5oz, 12ct



“Loacker Classic Hazelnut Wafers 1.5oz, 12ct: Elevate Your Snacking Experience!”


Welcome to, your destination for unbeatable bulk prices on Loacker Classic Hazelnut Wafers 1.5oz, 12ct. If you’re in NYC, quick delivery is at your fingertips. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to indulge in the taste loved by many. Click now to elevate your snacking experience!

About the Product:
  • Premium Cream-Filled Wafer Cookie: Immerse yourself in the delight of three fragrant wafers and two rich layers of hazelnut cream filling that melt in your mouth. Each box contains 12 sweet snack packs, making it perfect for stocking up on your favorite European dessert.
  • Sustainably Sourced Ingredients: Crafted with 100% Italian Hazelnuts freshly roasted in-house. Loacker supports farmers and the local economy through the Italian Hazelnut Orchards project. Enjoy ingredients of certified origin with no added colors, artificial flavorings, preservatives, or high-fructose corn syrup. Not only Kosher and Halal certified but also Non-GMO project verified.
  • Delicious and Sustainable Snack: A commitment to high quality, sustainability, and traceability. Ideal for any occasion, whether with morning coffee, as a dessert, on the go, or as a delightful surprise in lunchboxes or backpacks during hikes.
  • Quick Party Dessert Recipe Idea: Get creative with our Classic Hazelnut Wafers by making your favorite ice cream or gelato sandwich. Spread your chosen treat between three wafer fingers, dip in melted chocolate, and garnish with your favorite toppings.
  • It’s a Family Business: Rooted in the heart of the Italian Alps for almost a century, Loacker’s bakeries specialize in wafer and chocolate delights. With a commitment to pristine nature, pure air, and no compromise on quality, Loacker is a brand founded from the heart.


Elevate your snacking experience with Loacker Classic Hazelnut Wafers. Unbeatable bulk prices, swift NYC delivery, and a commitment to quality and sustainability. Don’t miss the chance to savor the taste loved by many. Click now and make Loacker your go-to for premium, delightful treats!

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