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LifeSavers Butter Rum Candy Rolls 20 ct

LifeSavers Butter Rum Candy Rolls 20 ct




LifeSavers Butter Rum Candy Rolls 20 ct wholesale presents unbeatable prices on Milky Way Share Size Candy Bar 3.63oz, 24ct. If you’re in NYC, swift delivery is a click away. Don’t miss the chance to relish the taste adored by many. Click now to stock up on the beloved Milky Way – perfect for sharing and savoring!

  • Contains one (1) 20ct box of 1.14-ounce LIFE SAVERS Individually Wrapped Butter Rum Hard Candy Rolls Bulk Pack
  • This 20 roll bulk packs of LIFE SAVERS hard candy is great for the whole families lunches, snacks, or as a movie theater candy treat
  • The classic American candy, originally designed to resemble a life preserver, these hard candies that are a hole lot of fun
  • Fill lots of Trick-or-Treat bags, Easter baskets, or Christmas stocking stuffers with this bulk hard candy assortment
  • Don’t forget to try LIFE SAVERS 5 Flavor Gummies & Mints Hard Candy flavor varieties

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