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Kit Kat Dark Chocolate 1.5oz, 24ct

Kit Kat Dark Chocolate 1.5oz, 24ct


Kit Kat Dark Chocolate 1.5oz, 24ct



“Kit Kat Dark Chocolate 1.5oz, 24ct Delight – Unbeatable Prices, Unforgettable Taste! wholesale, Your Source for Snacking Joy!”


“Savor the rich indulgence of Kit Kat Dark Chocolate 1.5oz, 24ct at unbeatable prices on wholesale! Order now within NYC for quick delivery and don’t miss the chance to relish the taste adored by many. Click to buy and treat yourself to the ultimate snacking joy!”

About the product:
  • Bulk Box Bliss: “Enjoy the goodness of twenty-four (24) 1.5-ounce packs of Kit Kat Dark Chocolate Wafer Candy Bars in a convenient bulk box – perfect for filling snack drawers, lunch boxes, and candy dishes all year long.”
  • Kosher-Certified Indulgence: “Indulge in kosher-certified, full-size dark chocolate and wafer candy bars. Each treat is individually wrapped for lasting freshness, easy vending, quick resale, and unmatched convenience.”
  • Party Pleaser: “Be the star at any party, whether it’s a fundraising event, birthday celebration, anniversary, retirement, graduation, new baby, or wedding party. Kit Kat chocolate wafer candy bars are a classic everyone loves.”
  • Snap-Worthy Treats: “Experience delectable, snap-worthy full-size treats made of crisp, crunchy wafer bars coated in rich dark chocolate. Perfect for Easter, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and Halloween candy selections.”


“Kit Kat Dark Chocolate 1.5oz, 24ct – where unbeatable prices meet unforgettable taste. Click now on to stock up and bring joy to your snacking moments like never before!”

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