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Johnson and Johnson Band-Aid 30ct

Johnson and Johnson Band-Aid 30ct


Johnson and Johnson Band-Aid, 30ct

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“Elevate Your Wound Care with Johnson and Johnson Band-Aid 30ct – Unbeatable Bulk Prices at Wholesale!”


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About the Product:

Discover the versatility of Band-Aid Brand Flexible Fabric Adhesive Bandages in assorted sizes, tailored to cover and protect minor wounds with precision. Crafted from Memory Weave fabric, these bandages offer comfort and flexibility, ensuring they move seamlessly with your body. Each bandage features a Quilt-Aid Comfort Pad, providing cushioning and protection to delicate wounds, while the Hurt-Free Pad ensures pain-free removal by wicking away blood and fluids. From the #1 doctor-recommended bandage brand, these bandages offer up to 24 hours of protection against dirt and germs, fostering faster wound healing. Keep them handy in your first aid kit for optimal wound care.

  • Assorted Sizes: Tailored to not only cover but also protect minor wounds of all sizes.
  • Memory Weave Fabric: Offers comfort and flexibility, ensuring the bandages move with your body.
  • Quilt-Aid Comfort Pad: Cushions and protects wounds to prevent reinjury.
  • Hurt-Free Pad: Allows for pain-free removal by preventing sticking to the wound.
  • Sterile and Protective: Guards against dirt and germs, promoting faster wound healing.
  • Convenient Pack: Contains 30 assorted wound care bandages, a must-have for any first aid kit.


“Elevate your wound care routine with Johnson and Johnson Band-Aid, 30ct. Embrace unbeatable bulk prices at Wholesale and enjoy prompt delivery if you’re in NYC. Click now to experience excellence firsthand and ensure your wound care is top-notch!”

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