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Catchmaster 104 Mouse Glue Trap, 4 Traps

Catchmaster 104 Mouse Glue Trap, 4 Traps


Catchmaster 104 Mouse Glue Trap, 4-Pk

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“Catchmaster 104 Mouse Glue Trap, 4 Traps – Safe, Effective, and Professional Strength!”


“Introducing Catchmaster 104 Mouse Glue Trap, 4 Traps, your solution to a rodent-free home. With its non-toxic and family-safe design, this trap offers peace of mind while effectively capturing mice. Pre-baited and featuring a professional-strength formula, it’s your ultimate defense against unwanted pests. Click now to safeguard your home!”

About the Product:
  • Non-Toxic and Family Safe: Designed with safety in mind, Catchmaster Glue Trap #104 Mouse is non-toxic and safe to use around your family and pets, ensuring a worry-free solution to pest control.
  • Pre-Baited Adhesive: Each trap comes pre-baited with an adhesive surface, making it convenient and ready to use right out of the box, saving you time and effort in setting up.
  • Professional Strength Formula: Engineered with a professional-strength adhesive formula, these traps provide superior trapping power, ensuring maximum effectiveness in capturing mice.
  • Pack of 4 Traps: Each pack contains four glue traps, offering ample coverage to target multiple areas in your home where mice are present, increasing your chances of successful pest control.
  • Easy to Use: Simply place the traps in areas where mouse activity is observed, such as along walls, near entry points, or in dark corners, and dispose of them once they have captured pests.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for use in homes, apartments, garages, basements, and other indoor areas, these traps offer versatile pest control solutions wherever mice are a concern.
  • Quick and Efficient: With their strong adhesive surface, these traps quickly immobilize mice upon contact, preventing them from escaping as well as ensuring swift pest removal.
  • Trusted Brand: Catchmaster is a trusted name in pest control, known for its quality products and reliable performance. It provides you with confidence in your pest management efforts.
  • Eco-Friendly: Made with environmentally friendly materials, these traps offer an eco-conscious solution to pest control. Without the use of harmful chemicals or poisons.
  • Click to Buy: Don’t let mice invade your home. Take control with Catchmaster 104 Mouse Glue Trap, 4 Traps. Click now to purchase and enjoy a safe, effective, and professional-strength solution to pest problems.


“Say goodbye to unwanted pests with Catchmaster 104 Mouse Glue Trap, 4 Traps. Safe, effective, and backed by professional strength, these traps offer reliable pest control solutions for your home. Protect your family and property today. Click now to secure your peace of mind!”

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