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Bounty Milk Chocolate Bar 2oz, 24ct

Bounty Milk Chocolate Bar 2oz, 24ct


Bounty Milk Chocolate Bar 2oz, 24ct


Description Presents: Bounty Milk Chocolate Bar 2oz, 24ct – Indulge in the Taste of Paradise!


Welcome to, your ultimate source for unbeatable bulk prices on Bounty Milk Chocolate Bar. If you’re in New York City, you’re in luck – we offer swift delivery. Don’t miss out on the chance to savor the exquisite combination of moist, tender coconut enrobed in rich whole milk chocolate. Click now to treat yourself to a taste of paradise!

About the Product:
  1. Delightful Coconut and Milk Chocolate Fusion: Experience the moist, tender coconut covered in whole milk chocolate that delights your senses with the taste of paradise.
  2. Convenient Bulk Packaging: Each package contains 24 milk chocolate bars as well as are individually wrapped for convenient transport and storage.
  3. Sensory Pleasure: The scent is as delicious as the flavor, making it a perfect indulgence for your sweet tooth.
  4. Versatile Snacking: Enjoy it with lunch or as a satisfying snack, and each bar contains 2 pieces with 268 calories.
  5. Guilt-Free Enjoyment: It’s a guilt-free choice with no trans fat or cholesterol, allowing you to relish the moment without worry.
Conclusion: brings you Bounty Milk Chocolate Bar at unbeatable bulk prices, ensuring you can relish the taste of paradise whenever you desire. Don’t miss this opportunity – click to buy now!

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